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Tingler Spoon

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You’ve asked for it, and now we’ve delivered. The VMC Tingler Spoon’s unmatched wide wobbling action exaggerates the movement of dying baitfish with its unique curved body and V-Shaped design. Large Holographic Eye, wide variety of holographic attractor and live baitfish patterns increase your odds of catching more fish! And just when you think it’s time to re-charge rest assured the VMC Ultra Glow colors lasting up to 15 minutes means more time underwater and less time out.


  • Unmatched wide wobbling action
  • Unique curved body and V-Shaped design
  • Large Holographic Eye
  • Wide variety of holographic attractor and live baitfish patterns
  • UV Bright Finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the lures’ visibility
  • Ultra Glow models glow for up to 15 minutes


Model Length Weight
TGS116 1" 1/16 oz.
TGS18 1-1/2" 1/8 oz.
TGS316 2" 3/16 oz.

NEW VMC Ice Spoons and Jigs

VMC has a battery of new weapons...five new jigs and four spoons forged from top quality materials with input form ICE FORCE pro-staffers. Each spoon features holographic eyes and comes in three UV Bright ultra Glow four Ultra Glow patterns and four natural patterns. Each jig features a 90 degree hook eye to insure optimal horizontal position and a perfect strike angle, and VMC's unique power gap which increases hooking percentage. All Ultra Glow lures hold a charge for up to 15 minutes.

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