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VMC spoons are attention-grabbing, extremely effective and easy to use. Tie on these dynamic baits and get ready for action. Made from top quality materials with input from ICE FORCE pro staffers, these fishing spoons are guaranteed to turn up the heat when the fishing has gone cold.

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Each spoon features a large holographic eye and comes in three UV Bright Ultra Glow colors, four Ultra Glow patterns and four natural patterns. All Ultra Glow patterns will hold a charge for up to 15 minutes for more time underwater and less time out. When feeding action is confined to a narrow bite window and you need to get down to the action quickly, check out VMC’s Flash Champ Spoon. The Tingler Spoon’s wide fluttering, wounded baitfish action flutters on the fall out to the side so you can cover a wider column of water and get into previously unfished territory. When the fish are finicky, tie on the Tumbler Spoon. The Tumbler’s unique knuckle bend imparts a tumbling action that fish can’t resist. Crank up the volume and entice fish through sound with VMC’s Rattle Spoon.