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Live Bait

When the situation calls for live bait, rig it up with a VMC live bait hook and increase your hookup rate. Each hook is forged of the best materials available and features pro-inspired innovations that ensure faster, more secure hooksets. VMC live bait hooks give trout, salmon, steelhead, walleye and saltwater livebait anglers the best possible price/quality ratio, plus more fish on.

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VMC’s Wide Gap Walleye live bait hooks are made of Vanadium steel, which is up to 25% stronger than the material used in regular hooks. Offset, needle point and turned-up eye increase hooksets. The Fastgrip Octopus is the first hook to feature 3 microbarbs and 15% more penetration power than standard hook points. The perfect choice for live bait fishing for any fish that require instant, effortless point penetration. For versatility and a broad array of colors and sizes, live bait anglers choose the Octopus. Try the innovative Spindrift Hook for trolling, drifting, Carolina rigging and split shot rigging.