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Circle Hooks

If you’re a conservationist, circle hook enthusiast, or both, VMC circle hooks are designed to deliver maximum hooking rates. VMC’s circle hooks are made of premium Vanadium Steel which is lightweight yet strong. Each hook’s Needle Point is manufactured in such a way that the thinnest part of the point has the highest density of material, making it ultra-strong and sticky-sharp.

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If you’re going after big fish requiring big bait and really big lines, VMC has 6X strong heavy-duty circle hooks with an extra large eye to accommodate heavy mono and wire leaders. The Tournament Circle Hook 6X has no offset point for fish conservation. Tournament Circle Hook 3X also available. The SureSet Circle Hook is perfect for rigging live bait in both fresh and saltwater and can withstand even the strongest braided lines. The Sport Circle Hook features a bend out eye for those who like to snell their hooks. The Wide Gap Tournament Circle Hook offers the widest gap of any tournament approved circle hook.