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The Euro Larvae has been one of the main staples when fishing panfish for decades. Try the Trigger X® Larvae and you’ll never have to stop at the bait store again! The size and texture match that of the real thing! These little “fish snacks” can be used in multiple applications. A wide variety of vibrant solid or top-to-bottom dual and Ultra Glow colors lasting up to 15 minutes means more time underwater and less time out. Trigger X® Larvae are also offered in several sizes to match the jig size preferred. You can also buy them pre-rigged on the VMC® Larvae Jigs.


  • Passes ACT Criteria: Action, Color & Taste
  • Size and texture match that of the real thing
  • Can be used in multiple applications
  • A wide variety of vibrant colors
  • Ultra Glow models lasting up to 15 minutes
  • Works year ‘round


Item No. Length Pieces
TXLV03 1/4" 25
TXLV05 1/2" 20