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A collection of versatile jigs that let you fish cover and structure without hanging up. Flippin’, pitchin’ or casting there’s a Terminator jig for you. Pro designed skirt color combinations offer traditional patterns to prey species color schemes.

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Get to know our fishing jig collection. The Pro Series Jig is a universal bass jig for flipping, pitching and casting in and around cover. The Football Jig features a unique head design for controlled dragging and a balanced stance—it works in any water depth, sand, gravel and rock bottoms. Tackle heavy cover and stay snag-free with the Weedless Football Jig. Our Finesse Jig is designed specifically for slower presentations in deep and shallow water. The balanced swimming head of the Swim Jig lets you swim it or bounce it along the bottom. All the while, the brush guard wards off weeds. All Terminator jigs feature a custom silicone skirt, brush guard (except Football Jig) and premium VMC hook.