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Creating flash, noise and serious commotion that bass can’t ignore, Terminator buzzbaits have features found in no other baits in this class. Little touches like upturned noses so the baits rise quickly, then walk over logs and vegetation without snagging to wider heads that keep them on the top, even on a slow retrieve. Whether you are fishing the indestructible T-1 Titianium with the SnapBack frame, the Super Stainless model or the rowdy Tandem Buzz you will notice the difference on the very first cast … and more importantly the big bass will too!

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The Original Titanium Buzzbait’s huge splash and turned rivet for extra sound make it an awesome topwater bait and a must-have for every bass angler. Titanium SnapBack frame takes a beating and stays true. The Super Stainless Buzzbait is 30% more bend resistant than traditional stainless frames. A flat head design gets it on top of the water quickly. The Tandem Buzz gives off 47% more vibration than ordinary buzzbaits and makes twice the noise and bubble trail. All feature a QuickSkirt changeable premium silicone skirt.