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Bait Pucks & Buckets

Transport and keep your bait safe, secure and alive with StrikeMaster’s bait pucks and bait bucket. Designed for the special challenges of ice fishing, these items won’t leave you with frozen bait or with water spilled everywhere during the trip out.

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StrikeMaster’s Bait Puck is the perfect storage solution for waxies, maggots, mousies and other creepy crawlies. Insulated to keep the right temperature, crush-proof and refrigerator safe. For even more convenience, the Bait Puck Plus includes a bait separator to quickly and easily expose your waxies, maggots, etc.—a big benefit for numb fingers. The Bait Bucket is water tight, insulated and refrigerator safe. The rubber gasket in the lid that keeps it air-tight can be removed for long-term bait storage.