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Original ThinFin

Storm’s Original Thin Fin is a chameleon. It imitates a variety of popular baitfish like shad, shiners and herring. And it does it so well, fish all over the world are fooled into biting again and again and again. Many anglers say this is their go-to lure and the only one you really need in your tacklebox.

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The Original Thin Fin’s flat sides and deep body give it an erratic, darting action with a whole lot of flash. The 2-1/2” size is perfect for 3-8 feet of water, the 3” size runs in 4-10 feet. A large variety of colors let you find the right match for the conditions. Colors include: Black Crappie, Bluegill, Bone, Dracula, Hot Tiger, Metallic Gold Black, Metallic Silver Blue, Metallic Silver Gold, Metallic Silver Red, Perch, Silver Shad and Solid Fluorescent Red.