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Arashi Silent Square

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Swimming Action

Runs with a lively rolling action and a pronounced tail kick. The buoyancy to back out of cover and square lip design for increased deflection are a perfect match for contacting structure. Non-rattling for a silent approach to wary or pressured fish in shallow water. Premium black Nickel VMC® hooks.


  • SINGLE BALL RATTLE SYSTEM delivers a low frequency pitch for maximum attraction
  • ROTATED HOOK HANGERS nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing hang-ups and allowing larger hooks (Patent Pending)
  • SELF-TUNING LINE TIE is a free-moving design that keeps the lure tracking true, ensuring non-stop fishing action (Patent Pending)
  • CIRCUIT BOARD LIP starts right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth. Extremely thin with superior strength and durability


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hook Size
ASQS03 3 ft. 2-1/8" 1/2 oz. 4
ASQS05 5 ft. 2-3/8" 5/8 oz. 2

Storm Arashi is Super Crankin' Awesome!

Anglers, meet Arashi... fully equipped with features that until now, were only available in over-priced custom lures. Rotated hook hangers, a circuit board lip and the patent pending, self-tuning line tie make these lures stand out among other crankbaits. Watch as B.A.S.S Elite Series and Storm Pro Angler, Brandon Palaniuk, shows you why he thinks the Storm Arashi is the best all around crankbait there is on the market. They are Super Crankin Awesome!

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