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Scatter Rap® Shad


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Swimming Action

The ultimate baitfish shape just got a bad attitude. Observing it escape while darting side-to-side is one thing, but feeling a shad bait vibrate the rod tip makes it truly unique. Baitfish skitter and scatter when they are pursued by predators – it's this erratic and evasive action that triggers the strike. Made of balsa, with a custom Scatter Lip, the Scatter Rap® Shad consistently swims with an erratic and evasive sweeping action – perfectly mimicking vulnerable baitfish. Cast or trolled, it is the perfect choice for any species of gamefish.

Ike's Custom Ink Color

Color patterns designed by Mike Iaconelli exclusively for Rapala:

Blue Back Herring (BBH), Caribbean Shad (CRSD), Demon (DMN) and Mardi Gras (MGRA)


  • Balsa Body
  • Scatter Lip Design for Evasive, Erratic Swimming Action
  • Classic Shad Rap Profile
  • Non-Rattling
  • High buoyancy
  • True Multi-Species Gamefish Appeal
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC® Hooks
  • Technique: Cast or Trolled
  • Patent Pending


Model Number Running Depth Retrieve/Trolling Speed Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
SCRS05 5' - 7' 2.0–4.0 mph 2" 3/16 oz. Two No. 8
SCRS07 5' - 8' 2.0–4.0 mph 2-3/4" 1/4 oz. Two No. 5

Rapala Scatter Rap

Rapala introduces the new Scatter Rap Series. Four new lures featuring tried and true Rapala body styles-Shad, Minnow, Crank and CountDown. Each model is built with the "Scatter Lip", a revolutionary lip design that causes the lure to have an erratic, evasive action. Watch this and see why the new Rapala Scatter Rap is a game-changer!

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