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General FAQs

How can I receive or purchase decals?

Click here to read about decals and patches.

How do I store my Trigger X products when not in use?

Trigger X products come in a resealable bag or package for easy handling and storage.

What is Trigger X Ultrabite?

Synthetically reproduced pheromones that either naturally attract fish to trigger a feeding response or mimic natural pheromones that occur during a predator versus prey scenario.

Why does my 4 inch Walleye Trigger X minnow measure a little less than 4 inches?

There is some variance due to the absorbent type of material that these Walleye baits are composed of. They will expand and contract more than typical plastic based on temperature or moisture content.

I am unable to locate a certain Trigger X product, has it been discontinued?

Click here to read about discontinued products.