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General FAQs

How do you pronounce Rapala?

The correct pronunciation of Rapala is Rap-a-la. Răp-a-la.

Where can I find a paper catalog of Rapala products?

Click here to read about our catalogs.

I am unable to locate my favorite Rapala lure, has it been discontinued?

Click here to read about discontinued products.

How do I change Kilograms (kg) to Pounds (lbs) on my scale?

Press the ON button to turn on the scale, while the numbers are flashing press the ON button again to select lbs or kg. Once selected, wait for the numbers to flash. Now the scale is ready to use.

Where can I find or purchase parts for my Rapala item?

Click here to read about replacement parts.

Where can I find the running depths of my Rapala lures?

Since 1990 the folks at Precision Trolling have confirmed & published Diving Depths of crankbaits and other trolling gear using scuba tactics. Visit your local dealer or their Facebook page to purchase a book or stickers to help with your trolling needs.

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