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Strobe Tear Drop Spoon

Blue Fox is known for its spoons. Our spoons are consistent, productive and favored by anglers the world over. Whether you’re just starting out or backfilling some holes in your tackle box, no collection would be complete without a Blue Fox Strobe Tear Drop Spoon.

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The Strobe Tear Drop Spoon is the perfect weight for long casts. It has an enticing, fluttering retrieve that fish can’t help but chase. Super sharp and tough VMC hooks ensure that those that take a bite don’t shake loose. Proven patterns deliver every time and provide enough variety to cover any conditions. Available in blade sizes 1, 2 and 3 and the following colors: Firetiger, Five of Diamonds, Hammered Brass, Hammered Silver, Hammered Brass/Fire Stripe, Hammered Nickel/Blue Stripe and Red/White.