Vibrax® Double Spin


Vibrax® Double Spin
Vibrax® Double Spin


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Spec Chart
Model Blade Size Weight
VDS3 3 3/8 oz.
VDS5 5 5/8 oz.
Model VDS3
Blade Size 3
Weight 3/8 oz.
Model VDS5
Blade Size 5
Weight 5/8 oz.
Product Details

Twin blades run 2 to 4 feet. Legendary Vibrax machined brass gear mechanism inside the machined brass bell produces unbeatable vibration while helping to eliminating line twist. The Vibrax Double Spin Spinners' dressed VMC® Treble Hooks are extremely sharp. Includes proper size siwash hook.

  • Double blades with metal plated finishes
  • Dual blades create maximum water displacement
  • Dressed VMC® Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration
  • Dressed tails adds life-like action
  • Includes proper size siwash