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Vibrax Double Spin

Two is almost always better than one, and that holds true for the Vibrax Double Spin spinnerbait. The Vibrax Double Spin’s dual blades create maximum water displacement, for commotion and flash that stop fish in their tracks.

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Starting at $7.49

The Vibrax Double Spin’s twin blades run 2 to 4 feet and feature metal plated finishes. Includes the irresistible sonic vibrations that are the hallmark of the Classic Vibrax. Super-sharp dressed VMC hook adds like-like action and delivers quick, sure hooksets. The skirts are connected by a split ring allowing them to be interchangeable with other Vibrax Double Spin bodies. Includes proper size Siwash. Available in blade sizes 3 and 5 and the following colors (blades/body/tail): Copper/Copper/White, Gold/Gold/Brown, Silver/Chrome Purple/Chartreuse, and Silver/Silver/Black