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Vibrax Bullet & Bullet Fly

Take the legendary, fish-catching vibration of the Classic Vibrax to the fast, deep water with the Vibrax Bullet and Bullet Fly spinnerbaits. These lures cast like a bullet (hence the name) and are specifically designed for faster current or deeper water where maximum vibration is needed most.

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Starting at $3.49

The Vibrax Bullet and Bullet Fly feature an inline blade design that runs 2 to 6 feet. The inline design allows the blade to spin directly on the shaft in a wider arc, creating more vibration. That’s extra vibration in addition to what’s created when the brass gear rubs against the bell of the patented two part mainbody. The Bullet Fly includes a dressed tail for added life-like attraction. Available in blade sizes 0 through 6 and a variety of plated or painted finishes./p>